X Factor Program

Peoria, Arizona 2 comments

the recent x factor program allowed a contestant that was disrespectful, disgusting, rebellius to continue in the contest.pepsi sponsors this program and I don't believe that a family oriented company would accept this.

I am certainly not going to continue to view nor will I shop pepsi products as much as I do.

The judges voting for him were way out of line and and unacceptable.I am so disappointed and angry pepsi company should not condone the actions of the November 17, 2012 program I have nothing else to say about this deplorable programming Pepsi company has lost alot of respectful from many of my neighbors and friends the following day we hope that pepsi company will rectify this that viewing the program will allow anything like this happen again I thought sponsors, especially one as large as pepsi, would have more input into the program, well pepsi do something about the actions of the judges



I really doubt if Pepsi has anything to do with the program contents.They are an advertiser ONLY!

They do not produce the show.

If X Factor has a large audience that's all Pepsi cares about...they get a good coverage for their products.And you can always change the channel.


This is a website for consumers with valid complaints.Not l0sers like you who have no life and will whine about anything.

How many cats do you have and how many times have you been on the TV show Hoarders?

I mean if this is all you have to complain about then GET A D@MN LIFE!!!D0lts like you ruin the credibility of this website.

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